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Our Rooms

to live Venice with style 

EGO’ Residence is located on the mezzanine floor of Palazzo Bembo, accessible by
lift after a flight of stairs.


Each room bears the name of a famous Venetian mask and stands out for its sophisticated Italian Le Fablier furniture and Canal San Salvador view.


The charming and timeless rooms supply every comfort, latest-generation technologies and free high-speed Internet access.



Deluxe double room 

Giacomo Casanova is one of the most eccentric & famous Venetian people in the world.


Renowned for his life as a fiery and libertine lover, but he was also a poet, alchemist, diplomat, philosopher and secret agent.


 “Reality depends on imagination"

Giacomo Casanova



Superior double room 

Rosaura is a Venetian mask and famous character of the Commedia dell'Arte. 

Always in love, Rosaura is famous for chatter and love intrigue.


“You alone can resist

At the stake of the Carnival.

You alone and without masks

Hide the art of existing "

Giorgio Caproni



Standard double room 

Pulcinella is one of the most popular and funny

masks of the Commedia dell'Arte.


It represents a complex character, defender of the people, who juggles between being foolish or shrewd, victim or executioner.


"Living in Venice, or simply visiting it, means falling in love with it and in the heart, there is no room for anything else"

Peggy Guggenheim



Standard double room 

Arlecchino is one of the most famous and ancient masks of the Commedia dell'Arte.


He represents the Venetian culture and is an emblem of the comedy wearing a sparkling and funny mask.


“What if everything is a dream?

Who cares…

I would like to keep dreaming "

Luis Sepulveda



Standard double room 

The Pantalone mask represents a rich Venetian merchant.


"The soul of Venice are their masks".

Mieczyslaw Kozlowski

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